Tony Fabris (tfabris) wrote,
Tony Fabris

I can die happy now.

It's all over now, and even though it's been almost two days at this point, I'm still reeling from the awesome and replaying every little bit in my mind over and over again. Molly's show was everything I'd hoped it would be and more. Thank you Molly, Liz, and everyone at The Triple Door for having us, and thank you Betsy and Sunnie for being the best string section we could ever hope for. You two really shine, and it's always an honor to play with you. And a huge high five to Jason Finn for giving everything a level of precision and energy that we wouldn't have gotten anywhere else. But most of all, thank you Vixy, for making my dreams come true once again.

There are some good shakycam videos going up now, so give those a look. At the moment, my favorites are these two: An Open Letter to Stephen Fry and My Bioluminescent Boy. I'm still waiting for someone to post video of "Sell Out", the big closing number. And I've heard that they're planning to soon post on YouTube the original versions of the interstitial "Behind the Music" videos that they produced for the show. Those of you who were there are probably dying to show them to your friends who couldn't make it to the show; hopefully soon you'll be able to.

Photo set by Rasmus Rasmussen (@theprint)
Photo set by Rasmus Rasmussen (Slightly different set than the set above)
Photo set of the concert by our friend Sandi.
Photo set of the show by Corwyn1.
Photo set of the show by Sayed Alamy.

Sell Out (the big closing number, cover of a song by Reel Big Fish)
An Open Letter to Stephen Fry
My Bioluminescent Boy
YouTube User PhilogusRex has most of the show up, and though the audio quality isn't the best, the ending of segment 8 captures the moment when Kris Straub turned on the lights in the green room viewing booth while we were all dancing along to Molly's encore song "Poker Face" that she performed with a Tenori-on. Stroke of genius, that.
Behind the Molly, Part 1
Behind the Molly, Part 2
Behind the Molly, Part 3
Behind the Molly, Part 4
Behind the Molly, Extended interview with BadAstronomer
Behind the Molly, Extended interview with The Doubleclicks
Behind the Molly, Extended interview with Joseph Scrimshaw
Behind the Molly, Extended interview with Ken Plume

I feel like I need a month of recuperation. No dice:

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