Tony Fabris (tfabris) wrote,
Tony Fabris

Geek + Girl + Con = Awesome

After a period of quiet time (after the three intense shows in a row we did last month), it looks like it's time to post here again! Thanks, everyone who came to those shows and made them magical and fun. Westercon was especially fun because we got to hang out with our friends Jeff and Maya, and watch them just kill at the masquerade half time.

Did anyone get video of us doing Peppercrumb, the full rock treatment, with Betsy and Sunnie on awesome distorted electric guitars (aka sul ponticello), and Jeff and Kris and Jen and Marcos on signage? That was so fun!

Oh! Everyone make sure to go see our friends Ship of Dreams play at Wayward this weekend!

What's up next? Well, how about our concert with The Doubleclicks at Geek Girl Con coming up very soon! You all know The Doubleclicks by now, right? The amazing take-the-world-by-storm duo from Portland who are as charming as they are clever? Well, then you know how awesome they are, and that you cannot miss them when they come to Seattle, and of course you already have your tickets to Geek Girl Con already, right?

And then, what's next after that? Well...
We might even cook up something in LA in December! Anyone hail from LA and would be interested in hearing us play down there? Speak up now!
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