Tony Fabris (tfabris) wrote,
Tony Fabris

We're back at Wayward! And... GEEKFEST!

Hey everybody! We're back at Wayward! It's Sereniversary this weekend! We'll play some music, Broenwynn will do some Whedon trivia, and there will be a Firefly costume contest with prizes! Are you coming? Who will you be dressing as?

Also: There might (depending on a couple of IF's) be something Jade at the merch table! Crossing our fingers!

In the meantime, in the studio, we're re-recording No Hurry to fix a lyric issue, and simultaneously take advantage of the opportunity to add additional awesome to the song. We'll offer it up for free download once it's done!

And just announced! Coming up in December, there will be GeekFest again! This time, it'll be a whole weekend! The music is going to be amazing! There will be us, of course, with a healthy dose of Betsy and Sunnie. But that's not all! We've got the clever quirky fun of Hello, The Future!, the hilarious parody stylings of Eben Brooks, geek music by Afraid of Figs, comedy by NerdProv, and the amazing, full-band, rock-your-face-off, dance-the-night-away antics of Kirby Krackle!

WHEW! Okay! Coming up? Well, there's still our Filk GOH slot at Archon 36, October 12th, We're doing a concert at Orycon on November 3rd, and we are still trying to put something together in LA in December! Maybe a browncoaty thing on or about the date of December 8th, with Hello, The Future!, Eben Brooks, and others. Who's free on that day?
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