Tony Fabris (tfabris) wrote,
Tony Fabris

Why we love Betsy and Sunnie

We're getting packed to head off to OVFF this weekend. And I'm really sad that Betsy and Sunnie can't come. But! I got to work with them in the studio last weekend, and WOW, were they awesome.

They're the kind of players that you can just sit in front of a microphone and magic comes out. They came up with the most delightful parts, laying down something like six tracks total in just a few hours. I don't ever try to write parts for them to play, they are just so wonderful at coming up with beautiful material on their own. That means that when I record them on a song, it will always have their distinctive signatures and creativity baked right in. That just thrills me, because it means that in the end, the song takes on new textures that I didn't even know were there. I feel so honored that they enjoy doing that for our songs. And I love them dearly.

Coming up, Vixy & Tony & Betsy are playing a concert at Orycon very soon, with Katie opening. There's GeekFest in December, and keep an eye on our schedule this weekend for details about the LA show on December 8th!
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