Tony Fabris (tfabris) wrote,
Tony Fabris

Help us boost the signal of our wintry browncoaty goodness in December!

We've got shows coming up! And they're both Browncoat shows!

Our first show coming up is Shiny Happy Holidays, in Santa Monica, on the night of Saturday December 8th, and it's four acts in one evening: Hello, The Future!, Eben Brooks Logan Heftel, and of course, Vixy & Tony! There will also be an auction and other things! This is going to be a great show, but we don't know anyone in LA, so we need your help boosting the signal! Please tweet and blog and facebook about this show so that everyone in LA knows about it!

Our second show this December will be on the afternoon of Sunday, December 16th at 2:30pm, as part of GeekFest! We'll be playing with our beloved Betsy and Sunnie, in a massive theater with tons of space! Other acts for the weekend include the aforementioned Hello, The Future! and Eben Brooks, as well as the hard rocking Kirby Krackle, the comedy of Nerdprov, and other amazing acts! Geekfest runs all weekend, and they'll be putting up their final schedule at their web site soon! Get your tickets now, bring all your friends, and let's fill the place up!

Both of December's shows are put on by Browncoat organizations (CA and Seattle), and both of them benefit their favorite charities. What better way to spend time in December?

In the meantime, I'm closing in on the final mix of our re-record of No Hurry, and it's wonderful, it's full of Betsy and Sunnie goodness, you'll love it! And we're going to release it for free! Very soon now!
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